Gold Rush


We danced slowly under the beautifully decorated gold and cream lanterns.
The music then switched to a more jazzy beat.
My red sequined dress was still holding fast to me,
as the Thai silk pumps communicated to my feet
…one more dance and that’s it for me.
I nudged my date lightly with my elbow to signal my time was coming to an end
He smiled and knew exactly what I meant.
As the song slowly bellowed out to let the crowd know: “Love like this can never grow old”.
The song tress words echoed in my ear
as I led my handsome date back to our table & chairs.
Dipper, dapper was him in his black n red suit.
even down to the red silk accessories and musk scent had made an impression in the room
had me remembering a time when we 1st met
we met at a business conference with all skirts n suits
but somehow just his smile alone lit up the room.
I noticed him but remained collected,calm n cool
Right before the end during the concession.
he smoothly walked up to me& flashed his business card and placed it in my hand
a polite smile graced my face as I was sure he was thinking, he was the man.
I chuckled then as he flashed his big grin
little did he know the cat & mouse games would only begin.
as I chuckled once more and looked right in his eyes
I then grabbed my plate and then sashayed slowly past this guy.
if only I had eyes in the back of my head,
I know his mouth dropped and his ego felt deflated
as the hour past and the conference came to an end..
I saw him whisper with a smile & with confidence to his friend
I knew exactly what he was planning,round two had just begun.
As I made my way saying goodbyes across the room,,,
he inched closer and closer to the friends that I knew.
Get in & make a quick way out was my plan
and right before I exited out the door,guess who grabbed my hand?? (Smiles)
this time arrogance had left his presence and he introduced himself Terrance.
and spoke briefly on how he had noticed me and would love the opportunity to continue in conversation.
I smiled, he won the round this time.
I handed him my business card, walked out and said : call me sometime.
and that was the beginning of our new friendship.
we been going out for only a month or two.
“You ready to go?? He said as he interrupts my thoughts.
“In a little, I have to find Kimberly 1st!
That was my bestie and this was her 1st fundraising event
From the wonderful turnout, this was a great hit
I had to congratulate her before I slipped out.
I scanned the room trying to find where her busy body self had gone.
At that instant the music stopped and the glare from the microphone came on.
There she go I whispered to him as I clapped my hands
and smiled for my bestie and her moment to stand
“Ladies and Gentleman, I would really like to say
I am Extra glad that you all was able to support me today
as she danced and jumped around with excitement on stage
…this has been a very rewarding journey despite the delays
with all of your help we have raised
exactly 5 thousand dollars as she then screamed
to grab the attention and motivate the hype of the scene.
everyone clapped
and you heard a few whistles but I was standing doing “Two steps and screaming”.
no one else in the room exactly knew what this large event meant…
it meant that her office would soon be opening and her promotional business would be started.
she flashed her eyes at me as they rolled in the back of her head ..that was her way of communicating she couldn’t believe it.
I whispered to her as I had her full gaze…
Call me tonight, I’m so Proud-ddd of you.
she nodded her head and smiled and whispered the words-Thank you !!
as a tear rolled down her eye.
I whispered back..”,You punk, don’t you dare cry as I smiled back.
she then wiped her face exhaled as the crowd was still in cheer.
as she began to finish her speech her assistant then came near
Oh Hi Carmen, how are you I said. I’m doing okay she said with a smile.
MS. Kimberly wanted me to ask you what time will you be available tomorrow?
Ohh I told her to call me, I’m going to get that girl as I laughed.
cause didn’t my bestie know me well
..with my busy busy schedule I would have sent her an email .
tell her at 2 at our favorite spot.
Ok great Miss. Lisah, I’ll relay her the message and I just also wanted to let you know congratulations
thanks I said with a smile as I hugged her gently
As I grabbed for my clutch purse and knew this was just our beginning
Terrance then grabbed me and said with patience in his eyes “Are you ready now babes?”.
Yeah I am, let’s go cutie as I made muah, muah sounds.
Terrance then grabbed me from the side and whispered and kissed into my neck…”You wearing that dress babes”.
Oh really I said…as I laughed at his comments and the thoughts in his head

Now we were headed out to meet his family
This meeting for me seemed a little to soon
Terrance was a wonderful guy but character and traits take time to see
All I could think was: why so soon would he want to introduce me??

~Excerpt from: “Gold Rush” by Nlisah~
~How do you like it??


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