The Mismatched Pair While walking along a road

The Mismatched Pair

While walking along a road
Two mismatched shoes
found each other
One was sassy, colorful and had a heel
Her travels were
always upbeat and designed for fun & flair.
She also took that attitude
with whomever she would meet.
The other shoe was worn and required
maintaince so his attitude was somber, quiet and reserved.
His trails had
led him here, perhaps one day he would see a better day.

They sat
back and had a conversation:
Perhaps he could escort me on my walk~the sassy
& colorful one thought.
She was more concerned about enjoying her
lifeline while she had it.
His pursuits were quite different then hers, he
wanted to charge and take everything by force.
He lived in his own mind, a
dangerous place, cause no one could interrupt his plans or postpone his race.

Not even the family of shoes that he left behind.
It was all about
him and rightly so…
“Im worn and brown , Im going to take all the world
got…or at least so he posed.

But what about love, friendships, fun
and contentment~Sassy replied.
What room does that have for you in your

Once I attain my things, I’ll then dedicate to those.

what if you don’t live another day?~ Sassy inquired.

Well then I’ll die
a shoe after that hustle.

How long will that last? You already look so
worn. Take a trip with me to explore the world and see so many other
possibilities there could be.

“I can’t , no time for nonsense, I got
money to chase”!

But what about today? Today is a day for
clarity,calmness, peace and level minded pursuits while staying attached to all
those that matter.

As the day passed they were still in conversation.
Sassy sat back and listened to all the trials and damage in his life.

She wondered was it him that was causing his own destruction, opposed to
all the obstacles that he said was in his path.

Wow, she thought then
pronounced “You need a healing.”
I know a repair shop that tailors you right
It’s just down the road on the way I was going also
I check in daily,
it reduces my load when things get heavy
Would you like to come?

replied”No time for that!! Hustle, hustle, hustle….grind,grind,grind
in the process make this world mines.

Sassy again inquired of him “But
what about the valuables you left behind?’

He shrugs and simply replies~
I will never back down and surrender my will.

WoW!!!! Sassy replied:

How do you expect to ever get healed????



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