Never take for granted that you are alive

Never take for granted that you are alive Today!! It’s all on purpose and for
purpose! Such a greater mission behind it all. All must go through life stages
to get to a more better uncompromising, brand new you.

Developing is in
stages, just look at the flower who pushes through the dirt. It started out as a
seed …just think about it being in the ground. (walked on, forgotten, feelings
of desertment, isolated and abandoned at times) The seed may have even felt
delay in growth a time or two.

But the Farmer knew better and so did the
other flowers near it that grew. Although physically it couldn’t see growth , it
was growing! The Farmer who planted the seed never lost faith in it pushing
forth and sprouting. The farmer knew what it would become. HE came out everyday
to check on it and to make sure it was still intact, and HE watered it when
needed. The Farmer even talked highly about it and bragged on all the purposes
and uses HE would have for it once in full bloom.

So seeds take solace
in the fact of a new day equals new life, new opportunites and new beginings.
Even in the ground,growth comes and blossums because the Farmer plants on
purpose and waters and attends to HIS garden! 😉


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